Genius Hour Reflection

For my Genius Hour I started out doing “Urban Survival” and other skills like such. I then complied what I learned into a “Top 6 Deadly Skills” list. I chose this as my topic because it interested me, what specifically a spy needs to know to tackle any life threatening situation. I slightly changed what I was looking for later in my project. I then started to research helpful skills and mentalities everybody should know for situations like so. I felt that I learned alot this Genius Hour project that could help me in the future. Since now I know what to do and what to expect in any situation if it should arise. This Genius Hour I couldn’t really test my facts like my last one. So, I had to find trusted sources and trust what they said. My trusted source being a couple books. These skills could help other people because you never know what really could happen. And it’s best to be safe than sorry.

Most people aren’t confronted daily with death threatening situations and aren’t prepared when it does happen to come. So it’s best to be prepared so that you act smart.


My Presentation –(6 Deadly Skills)




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Effect of Media on Society

Media is used to get idea’s around. Media and The Internet are basic rights everybody has. Since technology has grown so much; so fast. It’s hard to create a border between what’s legal when creating media and what’s not. I believe that Media has it’s benefits and it’s negatives. Some Benefits/Negatives include…

1. An easy way to communicate… (Bad, and Good) Bad – Since negative idea’s could spread. Like how ISIS used basic open-source chatting apps to communicate. Good – Because help and support as well as positive awareness can be developed. It also help’s communicate with relative’s and others.

2.Teaches you about yourself…(Bad, and Good) Bad – Since you might be expected to act or look a certain way because of societies unrealistic ideals. It might also be bad if you show or talk to much on Facebook. Making it easy for people to use that valuable information against you. Good – Because it can show how you can improve doing what you do with positive criticism.

Overall Media has no power over us. It’s just how much we let Media affect us.  With Media we can connect with people. But at the same time we can connect with people who we really don’t wanna connect with. And or the internet can judge you strictly. With Media, groups are created just like school. And people expect those groups to act in a certain way. Which can make you change who you really are. Same when you see somebody who’s not realistic aka photoshopped. You may then apply unrealistic goals for yourself. It all depends on how the user uses Media. For their outcome to be either positive and or negative.

Twitter Expert Questions Reflection

To start I followed @Train_wVanguard, @SurvGear, @fancyprepper, @USAMilitary, @SurvivalPrepJoe, @rgodoutdoor, @Survive_Outdoor,  @SelfDefense_Man, @TeamTempest, @offgridsurvival, @AmericanParkour, @FBI, @lifehacker. I followed all these because of how they might help me by giving insight into “Urban Survival”. After following them and adding them to a list I sent all of them a question. Asking if there’s any tips or tricks they would recommend focused around Urban Survival. Only one responded @offgridsurvival. He responded by sending me a link to buy a book on amazon. Which was helpful but am looking for some free stuff. I said Thank You… Etc. However I did get other books which would help my Genius Hour. This process didn’t work so well for me on twitter. With only one responding out of all of them. To my knowledge a few followed me. And from then on a lot of others followed me since am following slimier pages. Over all it has been a unsuccessful run.

Here I simplified it…

  1. Followed 13 Urban Survival related profiles.
  2. Sent a message asking for information to each one.
  3. Received one response.
  4. Overall… Not Great..

Urban Survival/Deadly Skills(Genius Hour Progress)

I decided that I should write about my Genius Hour, since it’s cool. The reason I picked this as my Genius hour is because I always wondered if Spy movies could actually work out in real life. So I decided to research Urban Survival/Deadly Skills. Since it plays a key role in spy movies. It’s hard to research this type of information, so I got three books while in the U.S.. All three were pretty interesting. I also studied self defense. But since am in the condition am in I can’t practice it.                                                                                                                                                                                 I took Boxing, Akido, Karate before but I wanted to review information that I forgot. I took Parkour, which reminded me that in basically every spy movie and action movie includes it.  Some skills I did practice are lock picking, and some basic combat stuff. Besides that all I have been doing is sucking in as much information as I can about this kinda stuff. But nobody can lie that they wanted to be as bad ass as James Bond or Jackie Chan.





Here are some reasons…

  1. You can do anything and nobody can stop you…
  2. You can defy gravity…
  3. Your just a plain badass…
  4. Your a one man army…
  5. And it’s all for the greater good…

Anyways the first skill you need to learn before anything is becoming a badass.

Here’s a link to help you on your journey, safe travels!


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Dominican Food

Now am gonna tell you what I think is good food and whats not. I don’t know you but every food I mention is gonna be from the Dominican Republic. So let’s start, some pastries I think you can’t miss are pastelitos and empanadas. Plus some country club to drink. Preferably the blue flavor because of how rare it was, that when you got one the whole town would be asking for a sip of it. The thing you need to know about country club and most carbonated drinks in the D.R is that they have no flavor or name. You call it by how it looks. If you walked into a colmado(Boutique) and just asked for a “blue” they would immediately know that you wanted the blue flavor of country club. Same for “red” etc. However there are exceptions to flavors like Merengue which actually has a name. There’s so much food it would hard to talk about all of them, but the most fattening and delicious thing is queso frito. Which translates to fried cheese. Which is exactly what it is. The only way to no what place in heaven this takes is by trying it. So I’ll be waiting for you in the in the D.R.

Here’s a link to a whole lotta good stuff from the D.R


*I couldn’t find the blue country club because of how rare it is. Am not sure the reason it went out of sale. It may have been a limited edition thing.


Genius Hour

The topic I researched for Genius Hour was “Hacking and Cracking”. I chose this topic because it really interested me. During my research, I learned the basic’s of “Hacking and Cracking”. I passed by a lot of information that it would make it hard to list exactly what I learned. If I had to give myself a grade I would give myself 95%. Because I spent a lot of time after school, in the morning, and at home researching and putting my skills to the test. I feel that what I shared with the Staff might help them improve their security, and realize that hacking doesn’t just happen. I would have liked to give multiple demonstrations, as well as explain how some hackers use the attacks I was speaking about. For my next Genius Hour project I would like to go back to “Hacking and Cracking”, but maybe also hit coding and how it’s implemented into a networks wireless system.


Favorite Time With My Famliy

This might not have been the best time with my family, but it was a funny. This actually happened just yesterday. We were all driving back from Oklahoma city.  It was about a 2-3 hour drive from Pawhuska, where my grandpa and grandma live. We went over there to set my appointment for my surgery next Wednesday and we were finally coming back. We planned to stay with them for about a month or more and it’s only the forth day. Now let’s get to the real part of the story. So as we were going to Oklahoma City, GiGi(My grandma) asked for the crackers that we have been eating the whole trip. She took a few and passed it over to me, I then proceed to put it back. When we were coming back I remembered that we still had crackers in the glove box, so I took it out and slowly ate three of them. Only one was left. When I took the last bite of the third cracker I realized that all those crumbs that were falling infinitely on my lap  weren’t actually crumbs. But instead they were actually maggots. I still had a mouthful of cracker in my mouth and I didn’t know if I should spit it out of the window or  swallow it. I swallowed it cause I don’t believe in wasting crackers. Plus it’s extra protein. I told the whole crew about how the glove box was infested with maggots and everybody started to laugh, GiGi not so much. And now I can finally say “Grandma fed me maggots.”.





About me

My Name is Adric Hall

I really like to ball.

When you go against me your gonna stop and stall.

I’ll school you

You won’t even have a clue you’ll, end up dead on the ground

Resting peacefully lying still fully and sound.

Life’s not a game.

You do something and your never the same.

You choose your path

Life’s much more than simple than math.

Ms. Grimes was my drama teacher.

But drama ain’t my thing

I left Ms. Grimes and I went for the rhymes this time.

Helping me reach the real fame.

How to be Successful in School


Being successful in school is a easy thing to do. Just be good at school stuff, like Math,L.A,S.S, etc. But people aren’t built the same way. Everybody has there flaws as well as their strengths, but this doesn’t permanently shape who we are for the rest of our lives. Anybody can do anything, it may take minutes,hours or even years to do but it is possible. Unless your trying to jump to the moon then odds are not in your favor. But everything else is. With technology we can learn any skill we want just by googling it. But whats not on the internet is our need for inspiration,dedication, and hope. We also need to feel good when we reach the first level of achieving our goal. And from there on we push ourselves to the next. Till we finally accomplish it  and look back and not remember what you were trying to accomplish because you have learned so much. This works for academics but for anything else too. Here’s how you can start.

1.What do you want you to learn?

2.Watch people do it and develop inspiration.(YouTube,Real Life,Khan Academy)

3. Research and attempt/practice the skill.

4.When failing realize that you have failed once out of the many and if you want to achieve this your gonna have to fail to learn from your failures.

5.Try again, and succeed doing the basic and feel good about yourself cause your on the road to shaping yourself how you want.

Some links that might inspire you to go out there and learn what you wanted to learn.

Khan Academy( #YouCanLearnAnything )

You can Learn Anything Video


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When I started playing sports

Ever since 6th grade I was never a fan of sports. But in 7th grade a basketball team started in my old school(CMS). I thought I would give it a try because after all I enjoyed watching the “NBA Highlights”. When I started on the b ball team I fell in love with the sport. I also quickly became friends with the rest of the team, which consisted of about 6-8 people. All of which were good people. Then when I moved here to ISD I began playing soccer for the first time in 8th grade. Which added it to my list of sports I enjoy to play on my free time.After a while I learned that it doesn’t matter what skill you may have in any sport but if you practice skill and sportsmanship your already on the road to be a good player. And its best not to judge people by their athletic ability as they may be the ones breaking your ankles  on the basketball court in the near future.